Sega System 16 & 24 to JAMMA adapter

Another JAMMA adapter here-- the Sega System 16 and 24 adapter.

This adapter is used for games like Alex Kidd, Alien Syndrome, ESWAT, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Quartet, Fantasy Zone, Wonder Boy III, Aurail, Major LEague, Tetris (Sega), Cotton, Bonanza Bros, Scramble Spirits, Gain Ground, etc.

The JAMMA connector edge is keyed to mate to a standard JAMMA harness and the edges are beveled and gold plated for long life and highest quality connections.

The board is priced at $20 each, fully assembled and tested.

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Miscellaneous Notes:

  • I've personally tested the adapter with Aurail, Shinobi, and Major League. It should work with all other Sega System 16 and 24 boards without any surprises, but it would be wise to double-check the wiring to be safe.
  • Note that Sega System 24 boards are medium resolution-- your monitor must be capable of displaying medium res games for it to work, the adapter does not do scan-rate conversion!
  • The adapter should only be used on original Sega circuit boards. (Not pirate boards-- it might work on a pirate PCB, but it might not! Check the wiring!)
  • The adapter will work with the MultiJAMMA as well.

Updated: 9/19/2002


2002, Clayton Cowgill