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Terms and Conditions (the not-so-fine print):

Please Read! I'm basically a one-man show and I do this for a hobby in my spare time away from my real work. I don't carry much inventory and most items are "built to order" at this point.

Depending on what you order, I usually ship out items in the span of 4-8 weeks-- note that if you get in at the end of a waiting list (or if I have a slowdown in production or testing) it could take 8-10 weeks or longer depending on the snag. Please do NOT order from me if this is going to be a problem for you!

Many of my kits have now been shipping for over five years. Unlike the "old days" when the kits were first introduced, I might only get one order a month for some kits (even less on others!). I will generally let those kits 'batch up' to at least 3-4 orders before building them, so that can make for a longer wait. (If I just built and sold out a batch, it might be 3-4 months for a slow seller like the Tempest Multigame or SW/ESB kit to get produced again.) On average the wait is about 8 weeks. Still, it's an average-- around half will go out sooner than eight weeks, around half will go out later than 8 weeks.

Some popular items (like the MultiJAMMA) are built in larger numbers and will usually have shorter leadtimes.

Seldom will orders ship out in less than 4 weeks-- it takes that long to get received in, placed in my order queue and to get looked at. Larger orders will usually take longer to fill. I ship once a week on Fridays.

Sometimes I can help out with "rush" orders (depending on the kit and backlog situation). E-mail me if you need something in particular or want to know my best guess at leadtimes on something. In general I can 'rush' a kit for an extra $25 with about a two-week turn around. The fee basically pays me to take time on a weekend and hand pick the parts set to build a single kit instead of doing them in batches. This is more time consuming and less efficient for me, hence the extra fee.

When new kits are introduced I tend to get bogged down and things take longer. I'm closed for a week around Thanskgiving, two weeks at Christmas/NewYears, usually a week or two around Tax time, and occasionally due to weather. Once in a while I'm even gone on vacation, to tradeshows, or on business trips. I post updates on the front page of this website if there are any problems or slowdowns.

Please note that when sending me any sort of package (for repairs or otherwise), USPS "Delivery Confirmation" is not sufficient to show I have received the package! Delivery Confirmation just means they scanned the package when they delivered it somewhere! If you want proof of delivery you must send the package by UPS/FedEx/DHL with "signature required" or as a "certified" USPS parcel. We tend to have the "mail-person of the day" here and have had two "Delivery Confirmed" packages not make it here (although they were "delivered" somewhere!) in 2004, so if you use that method of shipment it is at your own risk. FedEx/UPS/DHL is strongly preferred! (Zero lost packages through any of those carriers in the last ~8 years.)


Updated 5/6/2005

2005, Clayton Cowgill