MultiJAMMA Controller
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MultiJAMMA is a system designed to allow multiple JAMMA games to be installed in a single cabinet and be instantly selected by the player with the push of a button.

Each MultiJAMMA "Controller" (shown at left) is capable of selecting up to 8 different JAMMA boardsets without needing to turn the power off or physically switch game boards or connections.

MultiJAMMA Controller Features:
  • Each Controller board can switch up to 8 JAMMA games with the push of a button.
  • Works for coin-operated or free-play. (Coin drops only credit the selected game. Service switch only credits the selected game.)
  • Free-play mode generates "virtual credits" so it works with game boards that don't have a built-in free-play setting. (Early classic games, etc.)
  • New feature! Allows boards with or without built-in free-play settings to be easily mixed and matched -- just press Start and the game starts!
  • New feature! Game-select switch included on MultiJAMMA main board for easier installation and trouble-shooting. (No need to go around front and hit the game-select button when working inside the cabinet.
  • Microprocessor controlled for fast, flexible switching.
  • No "dead spots". The Controller will only cycle through the number of game boards attached (2 to 8), so if you run with less than 8 boards you won't see a black screen when switching over "empty" slots.
  • New feature! Remembers the last selected game and automatically powers-up with it selected the next time the game is turned on.
  • Expandable. Start with a two-game switcher and then add additional Switch Boards as your needs and board collection grows.
  • Controller board includes two 12V fan outputs for additional cabinet cooling if desired.
  • All game boards are powered for instantaneous switching and no "bootup" time. A must for location/coin-op use!
  • Uses inexpensive and reliable "PC" type power supplies.

"Switchboards" (pictured at right) plug into each game's edge connector and then connect to the MultiJAMMA Controller by way of an included cable.

Switchboards provide power and signal routing for each game back to the Controller.

One switchboard is required for each game you wish to run in a MultiJAMMA setup. The base configuration of the MultiJAMMA includes two switchboards to get you started.

(JAMMA Switchboard)
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MultiJAMMA Switchboard Features:
  • Quick and easy connection to JAMMA standard games.
  • LED indicator to show when game is selected.
  • Uses standard PC "IDE" hard-drive cables making it easy to customize cable lengths if the included cables don't fit your needs.
  • Super-high reliability telecom relays and digital switches route video and audio signals.
  • Power connections support direct connection to economical PC power supplies.
  • Relays rated at a minimum of 5,000,000 switches (that's switching games continuously 24 hours a day, once every minute for 9.5 years!).

Pricing for MultiJAMMA is $125 plus $7 shipping in the US which includes support for switching between two JAMMA games. Additional JAMMA Switchboards can be added for $22.50 each (cables included) plus shipping. International shipping charges are higher.

To order, please go to the MultiJAMMA Order Form!

Updated: 2/24/2002

2002, Clayton Cowgill