Konami 36 pin to JAMMA adapter

Here's another JAMMA adapter for some for LOTS of games based on the Konami 36 pin pinout.

This adapter is used for games such as Time Pilot, Time Pilot 84, Tutankham, Pooyan, Gyruss, Track and Field, Amidar, Scramble, Super Cobra, Hyper Olympics, Juno First, Pandora's Palace, Rescue, etc.

The JAMMA connector edge is keyed to mate to a standard JAMMA harness and the edges are beveled and gold plated for long life and highest quality connections.

The board is priced at $25 each, fully assembled and tested.

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In addition to the expected Konami->JAMMA functionality, this adapter has several other features:

  • A block of jumpers allows you to customize between 'normal' JAMMA connections and a special mapping for Track and Field and Hyper Olympics. When the jumpers are set to "Track and Field", the three JAMMA buttons for each player become the two run buttons and 'jump' like on a real Track and Field machine.
  • A second connector provides speaker outputs for the second audio amp used with Gyruss.
  • A third connector allows you to disconnect the -5V input to the board (rumors have it that some boards can get confused with -5V on that pin, although I've never seen that happen). It also provides an easy spot to connect -5V to the board only in case your JAMMA cabinet doesn't have a -5V supply and you don't want to tear-up your harness to fix it.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • I've personally tested the adapter with Time Pilot, Time Pilot 84, Tutankham, Gyruss, Track and Field, and Scramble. It should work with all other Konami 36 pin boards without any surprises, but it would be wise to double-check the wiring to be safe.
  • The adapter should only be used on original Konami circuit boards. (Not pirate boards-- it might work on a pirate PCB, but it might not! Check the wiring!)
  • The adapter will work with the MultiJAMMA as well.

Updated: 6/14/2002


2002, Clayton Cowgill info@multigame.com