Tempest Multigame!

The Tempest Multigame is a hardware/software combination that allows all the "official" versions of Tempest (Rev. 1, Rev. 2, and Rev. 3) to be played on a single cabinet simply by selecting them from an onscreen menu system.

In addition to the "official" versions of the game, the Multigame includes two Tempest Prototypes-- "VORTEX" and "ALIENS"! Aliens is an early prototype of Tempest (very difficult). Vortex is very similar to "production" Tempest, but has the original Vortex title screen and logo.

Also included is the famous "hack" version of Tempest-- Tempest Tubes... and a "special bonus" that I wrote specifically for the MultiGame-- Vector Breakout. There's even an "Easter Egg" that unlocks "Vector Breakout Plus"!

(Menu page for the Multigame Menu System.)

(Original Tempest)

Installation is relatively simple. Three wires must be soldered to the main Tempest board however, so it's slightly more involved than just "plugging it in".

The main EPROMs and CPU are removed from their sockets on the Tempest main board and the Multigame Daughtercards are plugged in. The 6502A CPU is placed on the main Daughtercard, and three wires are tacked down to the Tempest mainboard.

The MultiGame Menu is called on power-up, and can be recalled by pressing a user installed "menu button". A small add-on board (included) can be installed that calls the menu when both the P1 and P2 "start" buttons are pressed simultaneously.

(Tempest Tubes)

  • Have every known official version of Tempest available at your fingertips! A huge convenience for the true "vector collector".
  • Get Vortex and Aliens-- not yet released for any emulators or other platforms.
  • Improve reliability-- all modern components replace ~20 year old EPROMs for lower power and longer machine life.
  • Take a break from Tempest with Vector Breakout!
The Tempest Multigame kit is pictured at left. Please click on the image for a larger picture.

The Tempest Multigame is available once again. Thanks for your continued interest!

Updated: 4/24/2002

2003, Clayton Cowgill info@multigame.com