Pacman Daughtercard Replacements


These are a new integrated design that uses fewer components than the original. These cards are a proprietary design that is compatible with, but not a copy of, the original Midway/Namco boards. They consume less power and should provide better long-term reliability than the original boards (thanks to modern IC technology, surface mount parts, and 1/10th the number of components than the originals). These parts are professionally designed and manufactured, complete with full-protective solder-masking, silk-screening, and gold plated connectors.

All cards are 100% tested before shipping to work in original Pacman/Ms.Pacman boardsets-- they may function in some other applications (the Sync Buss Controller board works on bootleg "Gallag" boardsets for example) but your mileage may vary...

Pricing is $20 each in singles. Order four (or more) boards of the same type and pay only $17.50 each. Deeper discounts may apply for larger orders. E-mail for details.

(Pictures below may be clicked on for a larger image. The replacement is shown on the left, the original on the right.)

Note: these boards have been redesigned and are now even smaller than shown! (Basically they're the same size as the 28 pin chip socket them plug into.) Functionally they retain the same operation as before.

Pacman 284 Daughtercards

Pacman 285 boards

Updated: 11/28/2001

2000, Clayton Cowgill