Playstation to Vectrex Controller Adapter!

This adapter allows you to use most any standard Playstation joypad/joystick/driving controller with the Vectrex. No modifications need to be performed on either the controller or the Vectrex. (No soldering, no cutting traces, no opening cases-- just plug in the adapter, plug in the Playstation controller and start playing your Vectrex!)

If you're outside the continental US, please email me for a price with shipping since the Paypal button won't handle international shipping stuff...

At this time Paypal is the only method to order. If you just absolutely can not use Paypal, please drop me an email and we'll work something out.

Sorry, but I just don't have the time to produce the PSX to Vectrex adapter anymore. Orders already received will be filled as soon as I get a chance to finish up more cables.


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No longer available..

Contact: (Clay Cowgill)